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Our Story

Not all meals need to be a sit down occasion.

We wanted to offer the option to host cost effective functions.

An Idea is Born - 

Fingerfood Functions

Fingerfoods are in essence, foods that you can eat with one hand, without the use of utensils or cutlery. That’s why the’re called finger foods.

Finger foods have been around for sometime now and over the years they’ve gained more sophistication and elegance. Various cuisines have contributed to the concept, creating new finger foods ideas for everyone to enjoy.

Lots of Happy


Being based in the beautiful Hunter we have supplied fingerfoods to our guests in some great locations. Surfhouses, wineries, town halls, warehouses & private homes. Even an engagement party on the beach, the request for a function on a Lake Macquarie yacht took us by surprise.

Why Us?

Our aim is to make you function special by providing quality food served by professional staff. Read our reviews to see how happy our customers have been. 

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